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Finding loads

Over the many years we have gained experience on logistics market and now we are ready to share it to you.

One of the best facts about D&D Freight is that we love what we are doing and what's more we always go thought all the ups and downs with our partners. We truly understand how important the communication is and how it can make everything going into the right direction. Booking the freight is not only doing the cold calling or waiting for something to pop up, that's a full understanding whom you need to call, having a right list of contacts and understanding what exactly your driver needs. D&D Freight is always in the right place and in the right time to find the best solution for you.

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stressed; working hard for something we love is called passion." - Simon Sinek

Service features

Our finding a freight service includes in it:

  • Finding the freight
  • Booking the freight
  • Taking care on all supporting paperwork to access the freight
  • Getting the truck dispatched, full support though the entire transit.
  • Providing with all the required paperwork such as Bill of ladding, proof of delivery, receipts, permits etc.
LTL, Partials

We are here to use the full capacity of your trailer.

Personal Dispatcher

Guaranteed dedicated 27 by 7 assistance for all issues and inquires.

Access network

Gain something what other companies are missing, access to the strong customers and freight forwarders network for the best rates.

Invoice payment

No hidden fees, you receive full payment for the load to your account.