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You can trust that team of trucking experts will keep your trucks moving for every single day.

D&D Freight Management LLC specializes in providing freight dispatch solutions whenever and wherever you need them. As an independent dispatch agency, we have access to one of the largest logistics networks in the industry, which means your business has access to this vast network too.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality service. We will work closely with you to develop the best logistics plan for your fleet.

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Our dispatchers are here for the long time and knows how to work by carrier's preferences. If you need to go back home that doesn't mean that the freight should be cheap, be sure, we will be getting as highest rates as possible for you. With us you will find a guarantee that while you are driving your next rate confirmation is already in the inbox.
    D&D Freight Management LLC will do all the job while you can fully focus on driving or devote some time to your family. We will help you to do the carrier registrations, packets, confirmation, setting up the factoring company, maintain your ELD or help you with signing the federal forms and applying for the permits, we know everything about this industry.
      If you don't take the load you don't pay us anything, how it can be even easier! All the payments go directly to your bank account and you just pay for our invoice, we are not going to overcharge you. Whatever decision you make with a load choice we will accept it, if you need to go back home we will bring you right there, You are the boss of your business and nobody going to force you to do anything you don't want, we are all here part of one family.
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