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8 October
Biggest tsunamis in US history

5 largest waves hit Alaska, including 3 at Lituya Bay. Since 1788, huge waves called tsunamis have struck the U.S. just 21 times, according to the World Data website. But some have been devastating, killing hundreds of people and destroying billions of dollars worth of property. These are the biggest tsunamis in the country’s history. More…

14 June
Biden administration pushing shippers, carriers to expand operating hours

Walmart, FedEx, railroads in talks to follow container ports’ lead. Big-box retailers and their rail- and truck-carrier partners are the next targets of a more round-the-clock operating regime being coordinated by the Biden administration to help solve the supply chain capacity crisis gripping the country. John Porcari, tapped in August by President Joe Biden as port envoy to the administration’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, told a meeting of exporters on Thursday that over the next 90 days he will work to expand the operating strategy that began in September at the nation’s largest container port complex. More…

14 December
Truck driver sentenced to more than 100 years in prison for setting 28 cars on fire that killed four people in Colorado

“It’s hard to live with this trauma. I can’t sleep, I keep thinking about the victims,” he said. “… I know it was a terrible accident. I take responsibility. But it wasn’t intentional.”

The driver of a semi-truck that crashed into stopped traffic on a Colorado interstate two years ago, killing four people and injuring others, was sentenced Monday to 110 years in prison.

Aguilera-Mederos, who claimed his brakes failed before the accident, was convicted in October of 42 counts, including vehicular homicide and first-degree assault, a local publication noted. He was also found guilty of several counts of reckless driving, reckless driving and vehicular assault.

Before he was sentenced Monday, Aguilera-Mederos broke down as he addressed Judge Bruce Jones and the sobbing relatives of the people he killed.

“I apologize to everyone,” he said in Jefferson County court, according to footage from KDVR .

“It’s hard to live with this … Part of me will be gone forever, too,” he continued.

“I didn’t rob a bank or a store. I wasn’t shooting at a crowd or a school. I wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol … I was working for a better future for my family,” he said.

The four men who died were all from Colorado: Doyle Harrison, 61, William Bailey, 67, Miguel Angel Lamas Arrellano, 24, and Stanley Politano, 69.

The trucking community had different reactions to the verdict. Many said the judge understood and that Aguilera-Mederos deserved compensation for his negligence. Others pointed to the young driver’s inexperience and lack of intent to cause harm. Others said that being a professional CDL driver comes with increased responsibility. The trucking community reacted differently to the verdict. Many said the judge understood and that Aguilera-Mederos deserved compensation for his negligence. Others pointed to the young driver’s inexperience and lack of intent to cause harm. Others said that being a professional CDL driver comes with an increased level of responsibility.

So what does the trucking community have to say about him:

Good!! He definitely deserves it.. We don’t need these type of drivers,” said Tammy C Pingleton.

Conflicted here. 100 years. That’s life. Yes I know, he took lives. The man was clearly distraught. I don’t believe he did this on purpose. Yet as a professional…I remember my first time thru the 70 mountain corridor. Lucky for me, I’m from CO, know the road. Bottom line: no one really trained me for it. I took it slow. Still do, as other “professionals” fly by. So remember this verdict. 100 years, for doing his job, poorly at best. Remember this next time you ignore the speed limit signs,” Jim Paetow said.

THIS IS WHY COMPANIES NEED TO BE STRICTER ON WHO THEY HIRE!!! I’ve seen way too many companies just put anybody in that driver seat!!! So many people think being a driver is so easy they have NO IDEA how much responsibility is placed upon the driver,” said Michelle Miller.


2 December
Good news! CDL can be obtained from the age of 18

Great news for young people in New York State! CDLs can now be obtained by 18-20-year-olds. Governor Kathy Hochul has issued a great law stating that if certain requirements are met, 18-20-year-olds can get a commercial driver’s license. Here are the basic 4 requirements for getting a CDL:

1. It is mandatory that applicants pass the “Class A Young Adult CDL Driver Training Program”
2. The Minimum number of hours of supervised driving.
3. Applicant must not have had a recordable accident or violation for at least one year.
4. Minimum of one year of commercial driving experience.

A little information about the law itself: the training program must not fall below the entry-level driver training requirements prescribed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, the program must include the supervision of an experienced driver, which is 300 hours of closely supervised behind-the-wheel training. We would like to remind you that only New York State required the age of 21 to obtain a CDL. Alaska still stands out from all the states. In Alaska, prospective drivers must be at least 19 years of age to obtain a CDL. In the remaining states, CDL holders are allowed to drive (within the state) at age 18. The new law does not affect federal interstate driving laws, which currently require that a CDL owner must be at least 21 years old to cross state lines.
An infrastructure package signed into law earlier this month requires DOT to create a superior training plan for CDL owners under age 21 to drive interstate.

8 October
Load of beer a “total loss” in single-rig rollover

A full load of beer was spilled across a highway in Wisconsin on Wednesday, prompting the brewery to kick production into high gear. The accident happened on October 6th in Jackson County on Interstate 94 near Hixton. According to TMJ 4 News, The accident involved only one rig, and no serious injuries were reported, but traffic was backed up for around five hours as crews worked to clear the spilled beer.

14 September
The best things I’ve learned about truck drivers

“You’ve probably heard that trucks and truck drivers are the most dangerous things on the road,” said the commanding officer. Some in our class of new highway patrol recruits nodded. The nodding stopped short when the CO continued, with emphasis, “Not true.” The laws and regulations we enforce against trucking operations certainly outnumber the similar edicts aimed specifically at motorists. Trucks are large, mechanically complex, and often intimidating to others. Truck drivers, and their employers, are trying to earn a buck on the road. Therefore, many thought that truckers would at times bend the rules to do just that.