Hot shots

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Hot shots

We can prove that even the smallest equipment can make the same money as a big truck making.

For the many years we have been helping to ship over 10,000 open deck loads, over the years, we have improved out methods of searching the hotshot freight, at the same time as we have increased out brokerage and client base so that it would be convenient and comfortable for you to work with us.

They kept me up even when I just started my hotshot company.

Hotshot might be not the most popular equipment among the truck drivers, but it allows to kick a good start with a much lower startup costs. But if you approach the method of Hotshoting wisely, then you can make money at the level of large truck without any problems. Our dispatching support every driver, whether you are just a beginner or a Hotshot veteran.

Pricing and Services feature

For only 5% of the week gross you receive

  • Personal dispatcher, who will be working only for you.
  • Best prices and loads on the market.
  • Access to the huge customers network and their freight opportunities.
  • Credit checks for each load, invoice management.
  • Efficient full back office support 24/7.
LTL, Partials

We are here to use the full capacity of your trailer.

Personal Dispatcher

Guaranteed dedicated 27 by 7 assistance for all issues and inquires.

Access network

Gain something what other companies are missing, access to the strong customers and freight forwarders network for the best rates.

Invoice payment

No hidden fees, you receive full payment for the load to your account.