Dry Vans / Reefers / Power Only

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Vans / Reefers

There are ton of loads for Dry Vans and Reefers, but we know which one going to work the best for your equipment.

As a team of professional trucking dispatchers we can help with any situation on the road, prepare the best paying load for you and provide your company with all the necessary services.

DnD Freight helped me to build my own trucking business when I was broken.

Our partner carriers always receives an immediate assistance in all their trucking needs. We specialize in safety and innovate solutions without clinging to outdated methods that's why our partners are always 1st in what they are doing.

Pricing and Services feature

For only 5% of the week gross you will receive

  • Personal dispatcher, who will be working only for you.
  • Best prices and loads on the market.
  • Access to the huge customers network and their freight opportunities.
  • Credit checks for each load, invoice management.
  • Efficient full back office support 24/7.
LTL, Partials

We are here to use the full capacity of your trailer.

Personal Dispatcher

Guaranteed dedicated 27 by 7 assistance for all issues and inquires.

Access network

Gain something what other companies are missing, access to the strong customers and freight forwarders network for the best rates.

Invoice payment

No hidden fees, you receive full payment for the load to your account.